Patio vs Deck? Which One is Right for You?

Decks and patios can both go a long way toward improving your outdoor living space. Each provides space for entertaining, cooking, and relaxing while enjoying the open air. While they both essentially provide the same [...]

Composite Decking: How to Clean Mildew off Your Deck

One of the most significant benefits of composite decking is its resistance to mold and mildew. These two pests will not “eat” or otherwise damage composite decking. Still, it’s possible for these slippery substances to [...]

Bottom Line: What Does it Cost to Build a Deck?

Building a deck can help expand the living area of your home and increase the value of your property. A deck will also make your outdoor spaces more welcoming and enjoyable. The first question on [...]

Eco-Friendly Decking: Recycled Plastic Lumber

While some people choose wood decking for aesthetics, others prefer it because it seems more environmentally friendly. The problem is that pressure-treated lumber cannot be burned or recycled once its days as a deck are [...]

Composite Deck Cleaners & Deck Care Tips

Having a new deck installed is an exciting time, especially once it’s completed and your friends and family can start enjoying your improved outdoor area. If you want to protect your investment for the long [...]

Winter Patio & Wood Deck Maintenance

The coldest days of winter have arrived, and we’re starting to see some real winter weather. That means it’s time to talk about what you need to know about caring for your patios and decks [...]

5 Ways to Ruin Your Deck

Your backyard deck is one of the best places in your home to relax and unwind or have a little fun with friends and family. Regular deck maintenance will help keep your deck in top [...]

Deck Maintenance 101

Whether you’ve just completed a new deck installation or moved into a home with a deck that you’re not sure how to care for, it’s time to learn the basics of deck maintenance. Keeping up [...]

What to Know When Building a Pool Deck

A pool deck provides a place to sit and relax along the side of the pool as well as a more comfortable transition from yard to water. Your deck can be small or large, functional [...]

4 Ways to Achieve the Perfect Deck & Patio Space

Deck companies are experts at creating and building decks and patios to expand your outdoor living area and maximizing your yard space. Once construction is complete, the next step is to add seating and accessories [...]

Are Decks a Sound Investment? (Hint: Yes!)

Nothing says summer like a relaxing afternoon on your backyard deck, and the added living space makes it the perfect place for warm-weather parties. Whether you’re grilling and enjoying a few drinks or quietly sunning [...]

Why Build A Trex Deck?

Why build a Trex deck? Plenty of reasons: 1. Trex deck boards are made from 95% recycled materials; 2. Trex tough-as-nails deck boards resist fading, rotting, insects, splinters and spills; 3. Trex composite decks are [...]

Factors to Consider when Planning Your Deck

A new, professionally installed deck can add beauty to your outdoor living spaces and value to your home. Of course, there are lots of things to consider when planning your deck, and now is the [...]

Do I Need to Winterize My Deck?

Once the temperatures start dropping along with all the leaves on the trees, it can be tempting to close the door to the outside and hibernate until spring. Before you bundle up for the season, [...]

Deck the Halls… and Your Deck!

The colder months may not be your favorite for spending time in your outdoor areas, but that doesn’t mean those spaces should be drab, dull, and otherwise ignored until spring. Most decks are visible [...]

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